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Stehr machines ... to get the value

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The condition of gravel roads depends not only on the load, but very often on the nursing intensity. This includes a well-profiled surface to quickly drain the surface water without damage. Failed care can lead to expensive renovations.

The company Stehr from the Hessian Schwalmtal, owner of more than 70 patents, took on this problem and developed a system that became a sales racer after a short market launch. Once again, as has often been the case, Stehr meticulously tackled something to create a solution to a known problem.

So suffer sand-water-bound gravel roads, not only by crossings (even without heavy loads), but also by the joining of median strips and banquets. These strips of vegetation must be removed continuously, so that the water can be diverted unhindered. If a current maintenance refrain, can result in expensive follow-up costs. If the drainage of a gravel road no longer works, because ruts guide the water in heavy rain along the way and thus the gravel is washed away, gravel roads often have to be rehabilitated expensive. Since the road network with all types of vehicles, bicycles, etc. should be accessible throughout the year, it is important to ensure a regular maintenance by minimal costs. This includes that the rainwater is discharged, because the life of a gravel road depends on the efficiency of the drainage from. The road body must be able to dry out (light and air through the canopy and water drainage along the road).
Failure to do so will result in severe damage to the road pavement. This work can be carried out inexpensively and therefore more frequently with the Stehr SUG 35 system and SBV plate compactor. Due to the lateral adjustment, a trench can be retightened and the banquet cut out on the valley side. Since there is usually enough gravel, it is torn up on the surface, mixed and created a new road profile. One-sided inclination to or from the slope, a roof profile during a crossing are possible thanks to the universal adjustment options with the patented buckling shield. Also, the creation of a lateral longitudinal trench is possible.

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