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No cracks in walls anymore ....

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In the Upper Hessian town of Romrod the local transit in the quarter Strebendorf was expanded. Houses and farmhouses border directly on this construction site. In the run-up to the event, it was ascertained here that serious damage had already been caused by cracks on various house walls. These had to be secured before the start of construction.

In order to rule out further major damage during construction, Fa. Strassing - a leading company in road construction - used the plate compactors SBV 80 HC 3 from Schwalmtaler Baumaschinen manufacturer Stehr.

Under the supervision of Hessen Mobil, at levels of 30 cm 0> 32 basalt granules, measurement results were achieved after two transitions, which far exceeded the required values. And all without noticeable vibrations, as impressively demonstrated by the "Stehr's water glass test".

Jürgen Stehr was the one who proved that it is only possible to achieve enormous energy savings and thus optimum energy efficiency through the 100% vertically downward vibration forces. As a result, these plate compactors mounted on wheel loaders are superior to all other compaction systems, even in sensitive construction areas - especially within urban crossings with old buildings - when compacting the gravel, gravel and frost protection layers.

The compactness measuring system (SCC), which is always optimally adapted through adjustable weight matching, transmits all relevant data such as frequency (Hz), degree of compaction and driving speed via a sensor attached to the oscillating lower part to a display in the driver's cab.

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