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Compaction Wheel SVR

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Stehr SVR

Technical data

The Stehr SVR compaction wheel is available in many different versions. Please see the brochure (PDF) for futher information.

        • Bandage: with pad feet

        • Height to mounted plate: 655 mm- 1070mm

        • Overall wheel diameter 610 mm-920 mm

        • carrier 1.5 t - 50 t

        • Number of wheel discs 1-2

        • Weight: 145 kg - 1040 kg

        • Linear load 200kg/cm - 480kg/cm


Stehr Plate compactor

Image impressions

Practical images Stehr Compaction Wheel SVR


Excellent compaction in a simple way using the weight of the excavator.
Extremely high static compacting means cohesive soils can also be compacted intensively at high filling depths.

Special features

No hydraulics - No motor - No vibration - Static compaction - High performance - No segregation - No wear and tear - Compaction of problem areas - Cohesive soils.

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Stehr Baumaschinen GmbH is an innovative company in the field of mechanical engineering. Among other things, we produce special construction machines, some of which have been patented in Germany and throughout Europe. Stehr machines are developed from practice for practice.

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