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Stehr Trench cutter SGF 1300

Technical data

• Cutting depth: 1300 mm
• Cutting width max. 350 mm
• Drive: via PTO shaft 50.000 Nm
• Weight: 4,615 kg.
• Output carrier: 260 PS -360 hp
• Prerequisite for carrier unit: step-less CVT drive


Energy efficiency

image impressions

practical images Stehr trench cutter from various construction sites.


Stehr trench cutters are a new drive concept that transmits an enormously high torque to the cutting tooth with relatively low drive power. The familiar similar trench cutter wheels, which almost all come from America, are designed as self-propelled machines with the same drive concept in such a way that the cutter wheel is always driven from the centre via the gearbox, so only relatively low cutting depths can be achieved. Further information can be found in our PDF brochure for download


The actual attaching to the carrier unit is done via a 3-point hitch, which is standardised worldwide and is available on every tractor. The benefit of this is that the cutting device can be used globally on existing carriers without any cost-intensive adaptations. The cutting wheel is equipped with carbide round shank chisels, which do not even stop in front of stones in the soil. Even in winter, when the ground is frozen to a depth of 60 cm, it can be used without any problems

about us

Stehr Baumaschinen GmbH is an innovative company in the field of mechanical engineering. Among other things, we produce special construction machines, some of which have been patented in Germany and throughout Europe. Stehr machines are developed from practice for practice.

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