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soil stabilising mixer SBF 24 L

Stehr SBF 24 L

Technical data

  • Power requirement carrier: 150 - 200 hp
  • Weight: 2.550 kg
  • cutting depth: max. 400 mm
  • cutting width: 2.400 mm


energy efficiency

image impressions

practical images soil stabilising mixer SBF 24 L from various construction sites..

Drive concept

The power from the tractor's PTO shaft to the cutting rotor is not transmitted, as is usually the case, via power-absorbing side spur gears, but via power belts arranged on both sides, which run at high speed and therefore only have to transmit a relatively low torque. Torque build-up is only achieved via the planetary gear when the torque is needed: in the cutting rotor.

Suitable tractors

Prerequisite is a rear PTO output with 1000 rpm as well as a creeper gear (Vmin=300-500 m /h) or optimally a continuously variable transmission (“CVT”).
For maximum cutting depth even under difficult soil conditions, we recommend 180 HP

about us

Stehr Baumaschinen GmbH is an innovative company in the field of mechanical engineering. Among other things, we produce special construction machines, some of which have been patented in Germany and throughout Europe. Stehr machines are developed from practice for practice.

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