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Video Plate compactor SBV 160-2

Stehr SBV 160-2

Technical data

  • 2 x 160 kN impact force
  • 2,15 m wide
  • Weight: 1.700 kg
  • Oil required: 100l/min


Stehr plate compactor

Image impressions

Practical images  SBV 160-2

Energy efficiency

... compared to a 13 t single drum compactor.

less power consumption50%

less fuel50%

less pollution50%

fewer CO2 emissions50%

Stehr SCC Compation Control

Compression measuring device included Display of frequency, travel speed and compaction status.

about us

Stehr Baumaschinen GmbH is an innovative company in the field of mechanical engineering. Among other things, we produce special construction machines, some of which have been patented in Germany and throughout Europe. Stehr machines are developed from practice for practice.

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