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Stehr Compaction Day from 19.10.2017

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Thursday, 23 February 2017 10:37
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Contractors from all over Germany - including experts from the German Armed Forces - were able to convince themselves of the innovative ideas of Stehr, which were presented in action "LIVE". Once again, the absolute superiority of the SBR 160 plate compactors compared to a new-generation compactor was impressively demonstrated by comparative plate pressure tests. Before the compaction process, the compaction rinks were repeatedly loosened 50 cm deep with the SBHR 24/2 stiffener.

The highlight was the first presentation, combined with the transfer of the SBV 160-2 Quattro to the company Leonhard Weiss. With this design - a joint development between Stehr and Leonhard Weiss - with a working width of 4.5 m, a weight of 4.6 tonnes and a balancing force of 4 x 160 kN, compaction results and area performance are achieved, which would require at least 4 compactors. Attached to a Fendt 993, powered by the most modern, fuel-efficient Load Sensing hydraulic system, the fuel consumption is only 30 liters / h. With two transitions and a dump height of 50 cm, surface area of ​​over 2500 m² / h can be achieved. These demonstrations were so impressive that six 80 H3 and four 160/2 machines were ordered the same day.

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